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Questions to consider before employing a
Brevard County property or association manager:

Q. Do you have time to manage your Brevard County property, HOA, or Condominium Association?
A. Most owners do not have the time nor patience to deal with the day-to-day activities that come with rental or corporation management. We provide a communication, accounting, and a maintenance platform system to track progress through completion. Policies and Procedures are a must!

Q. Do you have experience dealing with corporation rules and regulations?
A. Not every state has a Tenant Act or Statutes protecting the public regarding possession of property. With over 20 years of experience in Florida, we have the resources to work through tough situations, and to aid in a positive conclusion.

Q. Do you know the laws in Fair Housing, Fair Credit Act, Florida Statutes, and the Florida Tenant Act?
A. Do you know about disparate Impact? We do! This has changed the way to properly communicate with all sensitive material. This is our procedure, so that all our clients are protected from what could be unknowing acts that can lead to risk and litigation.

Q. Are you an absent owner who needs oversight, inspections, and "eyes on the ground"?
A. Our Clients are from all over the world and trust in our ability to represent their investment or corporation from abroad. Just ask for our references. Inspections are completed quarterly to ensure there are no non-compliances such as, unauthorized pets, unauthorized occupants, dangers of the dwelling caused by occupant, or infractions of the RR's and dwelling contract.

Q. Do you have access to the best quality maintenance personnel?
A. Forming relationships with other skilled professionals is key to any project planned. We do not have our own internal maintenance paid staff. This is to keep any special interests apart from professional management. Bids/estimates are obtained accurately and individually by licensed and insured professionals.

Q. Are you knowledgeable with laws governing securities and corporation income?
A. We are licensed in Real estate and Community Association Management. All regulated through the Department of Professional Regulation. We have had the training and given licenses that are active only with continued education. We know the basic laws regarding income and how it is handled.

Q. Are you available any time in case of a maintenance emergency?
A. We have a 24-hour online portal to notify of all maintenance and emergency requests.

Q. Can you handle a tenant that does not pay their rent, or an owner who does not pay assessment fees?
A. There are certain notifications, timeframes, and procedures that need to be in place for any type of non-payment. One mistake can cause an extreme delay or unintentional risk of litigation. We have the continued resources to deal with debt and collection.

Q. Do you know what to do if an owner or occupant dies?
A. This is the riskiest area of dealing with homes and rentals of deceased parties. Don't get caught in a situation you cannot resolve on your own. This could be a lengthy and expensive issue and should be dealt with the highest caution. We have dealt with this multiple times, and all were concluded legally and successfully.

Q. Do you know how to file a lien or eviction?
A. This service is free to owners needing evictions under our management. The cost is pushed to the tenant's security deposit as a damage to the owner, and no extra fees to owners as you will see in other representations. This service is included in management representation, among other features like tenant damage insurance, and discounts.

Q. Have you clearly read your contract?
A. Always read the fine print! Ask for a lease agreement and a schedule of charges, to be aware of any services fees brought to residents. Some can be invasive and unnecessary.

Q. Ask me how I successfully survived the recent epidemic?
A. We stayed in direct communication and followed forums regarding the rights of residents during the covid pandemic. Most information in the media was false. While our delinquency list was almost non-existent, others neglectfully did not engage or research to find the right actions to keep debts up to date and healthy.

Q. Ask me how my fees for representation are fixed?
A. Our contract is fixed and all charges that an owner or corporation would be subject to are outlined specifically in a contract. There should be no hidden costs or fees for residents that only make it harder for them to pay their dues.

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